Disney World S’mores Challenge

I am a huge s’mores addict. I could eat one everyday and never get tired of them. There are always s’mores ingredients stocked in my house and I even have a special place for them in my kitchen. So it’s only natural that I’d search for a s’mores fix while at Disney World. Much to my surprise they have roughly 20 different types of s’mores treats throughout the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. I’ve made it my mission to try them all, and thus the Disney World S’mores Challenge is born!

I’ll be updating this post as I get through them all and offering a review of each treat as well as my personal ranking.

Disney World S'mores Challenge List
Disney World S’mores Challenge List

First off is my current number one ranking, the classic s’more at The Ganachery at Disney Springs.

The Ganachery Classic S'more
The Ganachery | Classic S’more

This version is made to order in front of you and should come with a bucket to catch the drool as you watch the cast members prepare it. It is a traditional s’more only in name, the flavors packed in this little treat are taken over the top with a jumbo graham cracker sized marshmallow roasted with a blow torch (which is how I make mine at home) and then covered with chocolate. The graham cracker is some sort of buttery goodness gifted to us from Zeus and hand delivered on the back of Pegasus by Hercules himself…ok I may be overreacting but it tasted amazing and I wish they sold them by the box. I ate this almost immediately and my tummy sang as my thighs cried. I will definitely be trying this one again, I ate it pretty quickly and next time I want to take my time and really savor all of the flavors packed into this little gem. I give this treat a 4.5/5 marshmallow rating. The only reason I didn’t give it all 5 marshmallows is because I would have preferred to have my marshmallow toasted all the way through, which I will be sure to tell them next time.

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