Podcast Episode 25: Divine Intervention

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I talk to Matthew, a Disney College Program Alum and actor in Public Works Hercules. We discuss Public Work’s mission and his experience in this historical production.

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Matthew Vazquez is a Bronx bred artist and performer who embraces the intersection of all his identities. Though being afro-latinx and queer aren’t traditionally found in the Disney canon, he found himself drawn to the fantasy and hope the magic represented from a young age. His direct relationship with the company started in 2016 when he worked at Disney World as a college program performer. When he returned to NY in 2017, he used to work with the Disney Store and eventually in 2019, found himself as a part of a real life Disney musical through the Public Works’ Hercules production. Now that it’s wrapped, this dancing Cosmo is looking to make magic of his own through film-making, photography, and performance. 

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The POC owned business mentioned in this episode is Comic Book Kicks by Key

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