Podcast Episode 9: Dis-igned by a Diva

Afros and pixie dust Podcast episode 9
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In this episode I talk to Domonique. She is a fashion designer and artist who loves to express herself through her Disneybounds. In this episode we talk about how she got started in fashion, Disneyland surprises, and how the parks can help with overcoming social anxiety.

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Domonique is Cali born and raised and Disney obsessed, so it’s a given that she’s a Disneyland AP holder. She’s a full time costume designer, part time illustrator, fun time disneybounder, forever foodie and possibly the most flamboyant introvert you will ever meet! Growing up, Disney was always a part of her family so she naturally became a fan. She found her own Disney groove when she discovered disneybounding in college. While she doesn’t consider herself a Disney blogger, after 10 years of bounding, help from social media and development of her personal and professional style, she’s found comfort and confidence in documenting her life and sharing it with the world.

The POC owned business mentioned in this episode is Dom Diva Drew It

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