Welcome to the podcast page! The Afros and Pixie Dust Podcast highlights people of color in the Disney community. Here you’ll find links to the episodes along with a brief description of the show’s topic. There are also links to the guests’ pages so you can check them out!

Meet Tryphena, who plays Queen Sarabi on The Lion King on Broadway. We discuss her experience playing this role for almost a decade as well as her self-published book and fearless Friday series.

Meet Tiffany, a Disneyland local. She loves all things Disney and is an avid Disneybounder. Aside from Disney, she is also a big Oz fan. Her gift? She can break down a movie like nobody else!

Meet Morgan, a Disney college program alum, current Walt Disney World annual passholder,  and self-proclaimed Marvel enthusiast. We discuss everything MCU and what we hope to see in Phase 4.

Meet Eddie. He is a performer, animator and life long Disney fan. We discuss the importance of representation not only in the media but in mentorship as well.

Meet Irv, a father of three and Walt Disney World local. He is a late comer to the park life but has definitely made up for lost time in the past three years. We discuss how visiting the parks helped intensify his Disney fandom and his favorite things to do in the parks with his children.

Meet Erika, the creator of the Disneybounders Unite! Facebook group. She is a life long Disney nerd and an OG Disneybounder. We discuss how she shares her Disney love and how she got started Disneybounding.

Meet Patricie, a former cast member now Disneyland annual passholder and self proclaimed Disney fanatic. We discuss her experience as a mother of two children who happen to be on the autism spectrum and how Disney helps them bond.

Meet Domonique, a fashion designer and artist who loves to express herself through her Disneybounds.

Meet Audrey, an avid Disneybounder and Disneyland regular who vlogs about her Disney obsession on Youtube.

Meet Carise, an expert on Disney vegan cuisine and beyond, co-owner of Attractioneering Trading Co., marketing expert and graphic designer.

Meet Nikky J, the author of The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide. In addition to being a pharmacist, she’s a blogger and a podcast host on the Theme Park Hipster show.

In honor of my baby girl’s birthday I decided to release this bonus episode of some “practice” interviews we’ve done together. We talk about her experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Magic Kingdom and running for Beignets at the Beignet Dash at the Port Orleans Resort.

Meet Anna, a fellow nurse and an avid Dapper Disneybounder. We discuss her experience as a Disnurse, her time spent as a Florida local and Dapper fashion

Meet Britt and Leo, the owners of Main Street Press, a Disney-inspired apparel company and print shop located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They discuss how they got started and what they’ve learned long the way.

Meet Ashley. She explains what being a brand rep for Disney inspired small businesses is all about and how she got started.

Meet Dominique, co-creator of @blackgirldisney which is an Instagram account that is dedicated to sharing the Disney magic that is throughout the black community. We talk about representation and what we can do to improve it.

Meet Adriana, a Disney fashionista and budget queen. We discuss a few simple ways to save money at Disney World.